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Patrick J. Strong, DD, FCAD

is highly respected as one of the foremost innovators worldwide in the development of custom dental appliances.
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SUAD For Dummies: Treating Sleep Apnea

The SUAD device looks similar to a mouthguard and it is used for the purpose of reducing snoring and/or sleep-disordered breathing problems. That’s it, it’s that simple.

What the Hell is Sleep Apnea?

Funny how Sleep Apnea works; You feel under-relaxed due to muscles in the back of your throat being over relaxed.

The Link Between Sleep Apnea And Depression

Research has it that precisely eighteen million Americans experience sleep apnea, and an average of fifteen million adults experience a depressive episode. So, a lot of the American population can find themselves dealing with both conditions yearly.

The Strong Difference

At Strong Denture & Snoring we are determined to uphold our trusted reputation and will not settle for anything less.

Innovator Onsite

President and CEO is also the developer and innovator, making design adjustments a breeze

Wide Selection and Choices

Growing family of SUAD™ appliances designed to fit your patient's needs and condition

Modern technology

Leading-Edge 3D technology for precise, accurate, and efficient manufacturing techniques

The Right People

Passionate and knowledgeable team, focused on delivering exceptional customer service

Research & Development

Ongoing, cutting-edge research in dental sleep medicine and beyond


Serving Windsor & Essex County for nearly 40 years, you can count on Strong Denture & Snoring

There is nothing that we can do in dentistry that will have as dramatic of an impact on our patient's lives as when we simply change the quality of their sleep. Dentistry has the ability to save lives.

Patrick J. Strong


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