How Long Will My Dentures Last?

Dentures are artificial teeth used as a replacement for missing teeth. It can be taken out and put back into your mouth. There are two main types of dentures, the complete and partial dentures. Complete dentures are used when all the natural teeth need replacement, while partial dentures are used to replace only a part of the teeth. The question on most patients’ minds is how often should new dentures be replaced? While they are supposed to last for years, their longevity will depend on:

  • Adequate Jaw Bone Mass
    There is a need for enough bone mass because the new denture will go into the jaw bone. As such, a denturist should start by evaluating the available mass of jaw bone available. If there isn’t enough, regeneration should first be done to offer reliable support.
  • Lifestyle
    Smoking, poor oral health, and uncontrolled diabetes are some of the lifestyle aspects that reduce the longevity of dentures. It is advisable to talk to a denturist to understand these lifestyle choices to avoid ruining the procedure.
  • Gum Disease
    Implant failure can be caused by gum disease, decay, cancer of the mouth and bruxism. Before the procedure, it is important to access any underlying gum condition and treat it to guarantee a longer life of the denture.
  • Poor Placement
    Using unskilled denturists leads to poor placement and with time the whole thing comes apart. Always look for a highly qualified expert with long-running experience in this field to guarantee more longevity of your new tooth. The Denturist Association is a perfect place to look for local, qualified denturists.

Having said that, Dentures will, eventually, need to be replaced, but with the proper care, they can last several years. In general, denturists and even insurance companies recommend getting new dentures every five to eight years. Over this time, dentures get worn out due to regular use, and your gums may change shape or shrink over the years. Cleaning and caring for your dentures properly will ensure that you don’t have to worry about getting new dentures for several years. You should have your mouth and dentures checked out every year. If there is significant wear, fractures or deterioration of the dentures, new dentures may be indicated. Of course, you may only be required to repair or relines the dentures, instead of remaking them. Your denturist could advise you regarding the best option.

After seven years, the dentures may need to be relined or rebased if they become loose. If the dentures become too ill-fitting, they will need to be remade. For healthy younger persons, the denture can last up to 10 years or more with proper denture care and normal use. For people with underlying health issues that cause early bone loss or older persons; the denture may not last as long. The denturist can help determine when the denture should be replaced.

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