Using Super Glue To Fix Your Dentures

Super glue is everyone’s favorite adhesive. Maybe not everyone but a good number of people rely on super glue to fix various materials that are broken around the house. With super glue, people can fix household appliances, shoes, toys, bags, just about anything. And so, it is no wonder people have wondered whether their broken denture should be added to the long list of super glue’s fixable materials.

We see many patients at both our Windsor and Leamington locations that have attempted to repair their dentures with super glue. So the question goes, should you fix your broken dentures with super glue? The answer is a resounding no! You cannot use super glue, crazy glue or any other type of glue to fix your dentures, not even if it is for a temporary fix. Why you may ask?

  • They Don’t Bond Well: Dentures are made from metals or acrylic. Neither of these materials can form a formidable, long lasting bond with super glue. So why waste your time if super glue can’t even do a proper fix on your dentures?
  • Super Glue is Soluble In Water: It is a well-known fact that Super glue is water soluble, if you’re going to fix anything with it that you’ll end up sticking in your mouth, then you should consider the fact that your mouth has saliva. Your saliva will dissolve the glue, and render it ineffective.
  • Super Glue Will Ruin Your Denture: It will distort the edges of the site of the fracture making it extremely difficult for you or even a dental lab to properly align. The denture becomes quite uncomfortable for you to wear because of its inability to fit like it used to.  Even if you decide to keep wearing it, there’s a huge possibility it may fracture again in that same area.
  • Super Glue Could Cause Gum Inflammation: Super glue is said to contain the chemical cyanoacrylate. Cyanoacrylate is an adhesive that is different from the medically accepted adhesives used by doctors to fix incisions or abrasions. cyanoacrylate can cause the release of substances like acetic acid and formaldehyde. These toxins could cause inflammation to the tissues of your gum or allergic reactions.

If your denture is broken, please contact us or send it to any other dental lab for proper fixing. Do not try to fix it with super glue, krazy glue or any other type of glue. They are incapable of fixing your denture properly and may cause you some pain and discomfort for your troubles.

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