Snoring & Apnea

Snoring can be a huge burden on your quality of life. Aside from the associated health aspects, snoring not only affects you but those around you. Oral Sleep Appliances are dental apparatuses that are worn during sleep in order to help manipulate the positioning of the jaw and other tissue(s) within the mouth. By altering the positioning of this tissue, we are able to help open the airways during the night – alleviating the obstruction that prevents proper breathing as a result of sleep apnea. Once the airways are opened and breathing is restored to normal, you will no longer snore or have trouble breathing – helping out with both your physical health and the health of your relationships!

Snoring Annoys... Sleep Apnea Kills

At strong Denture & Snoring, we use the latest technologies available today to provide you with the most advanced methods for fitting & obtaining impressions of your teeth. To do this we are utilizing 3D Digital Scans, we no longer take impressions!

✓ 100% Safe
✓ Perfect Fits
✓ No Metal Trays
✓ No Unpleasant Metalic Taste

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Our Premium Sleep & Snoring Appliances

Our goal is to have our patients be advocates. Before going to your sleep study, we want you to know you have options.

Fusion Sleep Appliance

The calibration flexibility offered in the SomnoDent Fusion means that it does not have to be reset as frequently, and less resets means your patients won’t be without their device during manufacturer adjustments.


Avant Sleep Appliance

Featuring the comfortable, patented Bflex liner for patient comfort. Your comfort is directly correlated to your compliance, lending to the efficacy of this device.

Our Snoring & Sleep Apnea Specialist

Patrick J. Strong, DD, FCAD is highly respected as one of the foremost innovators worldwide in the development of custom dental appliances for the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing.

He has been helping sleep-deprived patients get restful sleep for over 30 years. Since earning his certification to practice Denturism by the Ontario College of Denturists in 1980, Patrick has increased his knowledge, skills, and precision to become a Denturist Specialist and Master Technician.

Why Choose Strong Denture & Snoring?

Our sleep devices have been developed with the needs of actual patients in mind. Your needs have been kept in mind as we’ve been developing these products.

  • We care and are committed to making your smile very beautiful
  • Offer in-house payment options to fit your budget
  • We know dealing with sleep apnea may be difficult for some, that is why we work hard to make sure your experience is as enjoyable as possible
  • You aren’t just a patient to us. We take an interest in you and your oral health needs

1. Do I need a referral?

You do NOT need a referral to come see us at The Strong Clinic. You can even schedule your FREE consultation here.

2. What if I wear denture or a night guard?

If you currently have dentures you must have at least 2-4 sound lower teeth, no upper teeth are required. As for the night guard, your sleep appliance will actually replace the night guard as well.

3. Will my insurance cover this?

Depending on your coverage plan, since it is a medical problem, not a dental issue, your insurance company may cover your appliance. We work with all insurance companies and if needed payment plans are available! We accept Green shield Canada, Manulife, Sunlife and more!

4. Is it safe for my teeth?

We adjust your lower jaw and thus do not move or break any of your teeth. Our sleep medical devices are designed as the safest appliances available.

5. Where are you located?

With 8 locations in Ontario, Strong Denture & Snoring can service all your Snoring and Apnea needs from the Windsor-Essex Region to Toronto & Cobourg. Click here to view all our locations.

6. Is there any warranty on the device?

We stand behind our word when we say it has the lowest breakage rate in the industry and therefor provide a 3 year warranty on all devices.

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