Avant Sleep Appliance

The Smallest, Slimmest & Strongest Sleep Appliance

The SomnoDent Avant is the latest device to be introduced by SomnoMed, and is digitally designed for patients who want a slim, durable device with a quality fit and finish. The SomnoDent Avant is also our slimmest, strongest and first milled device, and features our comfortable, patented Bflex liner for patient comfort. Patient comfort is directly correlated to patient compliance, lending to the efficacy of this device. The SomnoDent Avant is your opportunity to reduce time adjusting devices, as it is being lauded for its easy, drop-in fit.


The SomnoDent Avant delivers value directly to you through the CAD-CAM manufacturing system, which ensures a precise and consistent fit.



Featuring the comfortable, patented Bflex liner for patient comfort. Your comfort is directly correlated to your compliance, lending to the efficacy of this device.


Why Choose Avant™?

The early results are in! 96% of patients report that their quality of sleep improved, and 100% of patients reported that SomnoDent Avant is comfortable.

  • High quality, clinically proven, safe and FDA cleared
  • Backed by SomnoMed’s dependable 3-year warranty
  • Treat many sleep-related disorders that many other appliances do not address
  • Completely digital process produces a precisely fit device
  • Durable SomnoDent Avant Advancement Straps provide simple calibration

1. Do I need a referral?

You do NOT need a referral to come see us at The Strong Clinic. You can even schedule your FREE consultation here.

2. What if I wear denture or a night guard?

If you currently have dentures you must have at least 2-4 sound lower teeth, no upper teeth are required. As for the night guard, your sleep appliance will actually replace the night guard as well.

3. Will my insurance cover this?

Depending on your coverage plan, since it is a medical problem, not a dental issue, your insurance company may cover your appliance. We work with all insurance companies and if needed payment plans are available! We accept Green shield Canada, Manulife, Sunlife and more!

5. Where are you located?

With 8 locations in Ontario, Strong Denture & Snoring can service all your Snoring and Apnea needs from the Windsor-Essex Region to Toronto & Cobourg. Click here to view all our locations.

6. Is there any warranty on the device?

We stand behind our word when we say it has the lowest breakage rate in the industry and therefor provide a 3 year warranty on all devices.

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