Sleep Apnea: SUAD Device 101

If you or someone you know suffer from sleep apnea, then you may have heard of the SUAD Device by now. However, is it really a better treatment for sleep apnea and snoring than other options on the market? First off, it’s important to understand what the SUAD device is and what it’s used for. Here’s a brief description of this new savvy tech product invented by Patrick Strong himself!

The SUAD device looks similar to a mouth guard and it is used for the purpose of reducing snoring and/or sleep disordered breathing problems.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Snoring is caused when your breathing hits the soft tissues and causes it to vibrate. That vibration is what creates the loud snoring. Sleep apnea due to sleep disordered breathing problems arises when the sleeper is frequently woken up throughout sleep as a defensive response by the brain every time breathing is cut off. Though, the sleeper does not physically wake up, their sleep cycle is constantly being disturbed, which is just as exhausting and prevents that feeling of being well rested. Thus, the main solution for sleep apnea or snoring is to open up the airways, and this has been done by undergoing surgery or CPAP therapy. However, these solutions may not be for everyone, considering their severity in discomfort.

What Is The SUAD Device?

The SUAD Device, which stands for Strong Upper Airway Dilating Device, is a much more comfortable and reliable solution for sleep apnea. The device cures sleep related breathing problems by pushing the jaw slightly forward to give the tongue more room and opens up the throat’s airways. With more room for oxygen to flow, snoring sounds are reduced. Also, since the sleeper is not being cut off of oxygen anymore, the brain stops having to wake up throughout the night.

Benefits Of SUAD

A thin device that is stronger than other similar products since it does not break due to forceful jaw strain. It is more comfortable, since it is custom made so the casted frame shapes around the arches of the mouth, making it easier for the sleeper to open and close their mouth, drink water, and talk while wearing it. The SUAD device is FDA and medically approved, and is tiny and convenient for travelling.

A lot of people suffer from sleep disordered breathing problems which cause negative results overall and severely impact mental and physical health. Visit Strong Denture and Snoring or call to find out if your insurance plan covers the cost of a SUAD Device and start waking up feeling rested!


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