The Results of Treating Sleep Apnea

What does it feel like to sleep better?

What does it really mean to stop waking up during sleep and feeling overly exhausted every morning? Your options for solutions are extensive, from simple home remedies, like altering your sleep position or exercising more daily to oral appliances like the SomnoMed Avant device. Despite how you choose to treat symptoms associated with sleep apnea, the outcomes associated with better sleep are relatively advantageous.

The consequences of untreated sleep apnea

Daytime fatigue means improper functioning, mentally and physically. The results can range from feeling groggy to car accidents, diabetes, strokes… etc. Thus, treating the symptoms associated with the lack of sleep that occurs is important for reducing the negative side effects and consequences. However, it may be more persuasive to consider the importance of treating sleep apnea by acknowledging, instead, the positive outcomes that come along with sleeping better.

Treating sleep apnea means craving healthier foods

When deprived of sleep, a hormone that stimulates the desire for unhealthy foods, especially foods high in carbohydrates, is more easily produced by the body. This hormone, called Gherlin and commonly known as the hunger hormone, increases the appetite for food intake, which is more difficult to control when affected by sleep deprivation. A well-rested body also means that the mind is capable of making better decisions in regards to dietary decisions. Simply put, sleeping better means eating better.

Improve cognitive functioning

Things like reasoning, attention, decision making, and memory are drastically impacted due to the severe effects induced by sleep apnea. A good night’s sleep strengthens important connections between the brain cells that impact mental performance. You might have naturally noticed that when you go to sleep really late you wake up feeling not only more exhausted but also cognitively slower. This is because the brain needs to rest, sort of like how you recharge your phone when the batteries low.

Better quality of life all around

Simply just live better by feeling happier, aging less quickly, and feeling more attractive. Sleep deprivation is an obvious contributor to depression and anxiety. Sleeping better, not longer, results in feeling happier. Sleep is rated the number one factor associated with well-being; that’s right, not job security, strong close relationships, or even a healthy sex life. Sufficient sleep has the ability to stabilize your mood, increase alertness, patience, and empathy. The effects of quality sleep are tremendous, yet extremely underrated, particularly by those who suffer from sleep apnea. Treatments for sleep apnea are much more practical today than before.

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