What the Hell is Sleep Apnea?

Funny how Sleep Apnea works; You feel under-relaxed due to muscles in the back of your throat being over relaxed. But in all seriousness, obstructive forms of sleep apnea can cause severe daily and long term problems… hence the name, obstructive. This disorder, which causes disruptive breathing throughout your sleep, makes it difficult to feel fully rested, no matter how long you’ve rested for.

It’s so subtle that some who suffer from this, may not even be aware of the breathing problems encountered throughout the night. Some other obvious signs include: loud snoring, morning headaches, lack of energy throughout the day, and constant or severe sore throat. Unfortunately, since these symptoms are often overlooked or downplayed, a lot of people with Sleep Apnea continue to lose peaceful, uninterrupted REM sleep.

Breathing issues throughout the night may be treated as easily as changing some basic daily habits or as severe as surgery. However, suitable and convenient options are available, such as the SUAD device offered by The Strong Clinic. Bed partners may find that loud snoring terribly annoying, but the side effects, if untreated, can seriously cause severe disruptions to daily functioning.

Excessive daytime sleepiness is the most frequent result of sleep-disordered breathing problems. Sleepers complain that they are getting a good amount of sleep, but still, feel constantly exhausted throughout the day. When it comes to sleep, it’s not just about the hours of sleep accumulated, but quality also matters here. There’s no point in getting up to 8 hours of sleep if that sleep is being disrupted. The body isn’t physically waking up, which is why many people don’t realize what’s happening. However, since the sleep cycle is being interrupted, the physical consequences are endured throughout functioning hours.

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